Bailey Edward Design, Inc.

Illinois, United States
Type of Business Enterprise:

For nearly thirty years, Bailey Edward has defined responsive architecture, engineering, and interior design for people and communities. The success of our approach – emphasizing consensus, inventive problem-solving and responsive client service – is evidenced by our enduring client relationships and acclaimed, insightful solutions.

We believe that creativity, professionalism and responsiveness are integral to our ultimate achievement – taking care of people.

Bailey Edward has actively cultivated responsive architecture and engineering, a practice that values client success above all else. Our depth of experience with clients that serve, support and protect the public has afforded us a solid understanding of the tools and processes required to consistently achieve this goal.

Concept and program development phases are highly interactive, identifying space needs and uses, as well as other project impacts such as budget, schedule and sustainability, to establish clear goals. Our public service clients demand exceptional skill at building consensus among complex constituent networks and our ability to understand and integrate the needs of various stake holder groups results in responsive, award-winning project solutions.

Creativity is fundamental to our process, combining skill and inventiveness to evolve vision into reality and transform challenges into opportunities. At Bailey Edward, we embrace the opportunity to identify the uncommon perspective, inspire unorthodox thinking and engage ingenuity.

Communication and transparency are integral to our client relationships, minimizing costly surprises and ensuring envisioned outcomes. Project management is professional and rigorous, emphasizing measurable results, efficiency and value.

Practice Groups:
Higher Education
K-12 Education
In-house Engineering
Interior Design