RADA Architects, Ltd.

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CWA Member-Owned Firm

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Since 1994, RADA Architects’ practice has influenced communities of schools, colleges, hospitals, offices and residential complexes, as well as whole neighborhoods.

Professional consulting services in architecture, planning and interior design are provided, with expanded service in masterplanning and programming. The firm’s code compliance and noise abatement depth of knowledge – has contributed for more than a decade to City of Chicago Building Permit Program and to thousands of buildings acoustical improvements around the Chicago Airports.

The importance of RADA programming skills lies in maximizing project opportunities for the client and in creating strong stakeholder partnerships that help projects implementation. User needs are sufficiently investigated through surveys, tested interview formats and development of room data sheets. RADA’s leadership in client visioning sessions helps excite stakeholders and creates positive aspirations for the future.

RADA’s masterplanning approach to projects defines relationships between buildings and spaces, seeks efficient and clear circulation backbone and meaningful buildings position in the cityscape. It is an important bridge between program and building design that maximizes outcomes.

Practice Groups:
Higher Education
K-12 Education