2014 bKL GEMS World Academy Team Photograph

Chicago, Illinois, United States

From the exhibit Women Building Change: Chicago Women in Architecture Celebrates 40 Years: 

“Architecture is not created by a single architect. A diverse group of people must fulfill the various roles required to conceptualize, design, develop, construct, and complete an architectural project. A team of women and men including the client, managers, architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, and builders must work together collaboratively in order to create the structures around us.”

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The bKL Team for the GEMS World Academy Chicago project included:

Thomas Kerwin: Principal (Phases 1+2)
Michael Karlovitz: Director, Design (Phases 1+2)
Carl Moskus: Director, Technical (Phases 1+2)
Lynne Sorkin: Education Practice Leader – Lead Project Manager, Programming, Planning and Design Oversight (Phases 1+2)
Kathy Schaack: Management of Planned Development Process and Developer Liaison and Project Management (Phases 1+2)
Jayshree Kacholiya: Associate, Project Coordinator (Phase 1)
Brad McBride: Project Coordinator (Phase 2)
Srdjan Avram: Associate, Technical Coordinator (Phases 1+2) and Exterior Wall Design (Phase 1)
Angela Spadoni: Associate, Interior Design (Phases 1+2)
Lalima Chemjong McMillan: Interior Design (Phases 1+2)
Ting Wang: Exterior Wall Design (Phase 2)
Audry Grill: Associate, Programming, Planning and Design Concepts (Phases 1+2)
Danielle Tillman: Documentation (Phases 1+2)
Laura Crane: Documentation (Phases 1+2)
Christopher Smith: Documentation (Phases 1+2)
Andres Lopez Franco: Interior Design (Phase 2)
Juan Robles: Documentation (Phase 2)
Sia Khorrami: Documentation (Phase 2)
Phil Tu: Documentation (Phase 2)
Christopher Woodfin: Construction Administration (Phase 1)
Katelin Nelson: Planning, Conceptual Designs and Documentation (Phases 1+2)
Eileen Guevara: Associate Director, Project Management (Phases 1+2)
Anne Karlovitz: Graphic Designer (Phases 1+2)

Deirdre McDaniel: MEP/FP Executive Vice President, WMA Consulting Engineers, Ltd.
Yvonne Tso: Electrical Engineer, WMA Consulting Engineers, Ltd.
Carrie Warner: Associate Principal, Structural Engineer, Halvorson and Partners
Rachel Duncan: Lighting Designer, Archiluce International
Trudy Buehler: Civil Engineer, Mackie Consultants, LLC
Alex Adcock: Landscape Architect, Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Mary Ann Lukowicz: Project Executive, Power Construction Company, LLC