Exhibit Panels for Women Building Change: Chicago Women in Architecture Celebrates 40 years

June 1, 2014
Bethany Fleming
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Exhibit panels from CWA’s 40th Anniversary Celebration exhibit, Women Building Change: Chicago Women in Architecture Celebrates 40 years.

Women are building change throughout Chicago. Within the collaborative process of architectural design, they innovate and influence the teams of people that create our built environment. Women directly impact society and how people dwell within the spaces around them. Says CWA Member Catherine Baker: “CWA serves as a critical meeting point for all levels of women architects. We need a place to share experiences and understand obstacles . . . CWA is that place.”

Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA) began encouraging discussion and support for and among female architects in 1974. At a time when women’s roles in the professional landscape were changing, CWA filled a much needed role in the field of architecture and continues to do so today. Chicago Women in Architecture is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization that exists as a forum for women in architecture and related professions. The primary goal of CWA is to advance the status of women in these professions by:

  • INCREASING the visibility ENCOURAGING of women in architecture
  • GUIDING AND ENCOURAGING women to consider a career in architecture
  • ESTABLISHING LIAISONS with other professional organizations
  • NETWORKING for job placement and career advancement
  • ADVOCATING for issues of concern to women in the profession